The Best Harlem Shake Videos [Sundays Are For Procrastinating]


Seems like I’ve been living under a pop culture rock because I hadn’t seen a Harlem Shake video until this week! To make up for my ignorance, I watched what seemed like millions different Harlem Shake videos and found the best ones for this Sundays post. They’re strangely addictive, so watch at your own risk! Enjoy!

Original Army Edition

UGA Men’s Swim & Dive Harlem Shake

Harlem Shake v3 (Office Edition)

Do the Harlem Shake (original)

Harlem Shake (Black Edition)

The Harlem Shake Compilation Part 1 [Only the Best]

Harlem Shake (Matt and Kim Edition)

Harlem Shake v33 (Portland Edition)

Harlem Shake v4 (The Firefighter Edition)

SeaWorld San Antonio: Harlem Shake

[Lead Image via Dartbeat]

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