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The Only Jennifer Lawrence GIF Quotes You’ll Ever Need [Gallery]


Jennifer Lawrence won Best Actress at the Oscars yesterday. I have to say I am shocked because the Academy doesn’t usually tend to favor actresses as young as her. She if fairly new to the biz but is almost obscenely talented and has made some pretty on point career decisions. I am weirdly proud of her even though I don’t know her at all, she is just the kind of girl you want to root for because you know that if you saw her at a coffee shop and creepy stared at her because she is amazing, she wouldn’t be a snob about it. She’d probably just make a corny joke about it to break the ice and then take an Instagram pic with you. (Although this could just be a fantasy of mine.)

I think we all know that she is a freaking funny chick IRL who can play some very serious characters on screen. To honor her victory we present you with best Jennifer Lawrence quotes in GIF form!

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