The 3 Best Parody Twitter Accounts Created During Last Night’s Oscars

Twitter can be a wonderful place, filled with tweets from Ryan Gosling that make us swoon (though he hasn’t tweeted since 2011, which makes me sad), embarrassing photos of our best friends in Twitpic format, and Anne Hathaway’s nipples just saying what’s on their mind. Yep, you read the last part right. After last night’s Oscar’s Red Carpet, Anne Hathaway’s nipples were given their own Twitter account, made by an anonymous person who just felt Anne’s nips deserved a place to speak their mind. But they weren’t the only ones enjoying 15 minutes of fame.

Parody Twitter accounts are just hilarious enough that I think even the stars themselves can’t help to laugh. Here’s a list of our favorite parody Twitter accounts from last night’s Oscars Awards (including Anne Hathaway’s nipples of course)…

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Jennifer Lawrence LOLs at Her Oscars Stumble [Video]
Jennifer Lawrence LOLs at Her Oscars Stumble [Video]
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