Recap: Girls Season 2, Episode 7 [A Bro’s Thoughts]

Lena Dunham has officially hit the sophomore slump. The last three episodes of Girls have just felt underwhelming and aimless. With the exception of Ray and Marnie’s seemingly endless descents into depression, the fact that two of the episodes have featured character ‘spotlights’ which included Hannah’s maybe-kidnapping (“One Man’s Trash”) and Jessa seeking her father’s redemption in a post-divorce haze (“Video Games”) has really made me question HBO’s decision to renew this show for a third season so early in this season’s run.

In Which Hannah Has A UTI And Really That’s It

The fact that Hannah lets a dude screw her thigh fat, pisses all over train tracks and needlessly complains about her UTI for an entire episode while on a road trip with her friend Jessa has shown how far overboard her narcism and self-absorbed mentality has gone. While people who have watched the show forever have seemed to just accept the fact that this is who Hannah is, I seemingly am just getting more and more annoyed by the non-progression in Hannah’s personality, and how in spite of this, Dunham feels the need to reward her for nonexistent ‘character progression.’ Big whoop, you signed an e-book deal that was mocked in the previous episode, you sure you you want to brag about that to the 19-year-old weirdo that does whippets with you and jizzes on your thigh crease? While the argument can be made that these moments show how far down the rabbit hole is going in Hannah’s life, I’m sorry, I just can’t get with it. There’s nothing ‘ironic’ or ‘funny’ about your weird UTI, taking a v-card, and getting abandoned by your best friend in some weird hickville town. It should really be life smacking you in the face yelling at the top of it’s lungs ‘GET IT TOGETHER!’ I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me not really understanding fully what the thought process is of the female psyche, but if someone can explain to me what the fuck is happening with Hannah, please, let me know.

In Which Jessa’s Dad Is A Child And I’m Supposed To Feel Bad But I Don’t

While I understand the need to somehow add a reflective surface to Jessa’s wanderlust attitude in order to add some purpose to her character arch on the series – this was the wrong way to do it. I feel, like, by showing an insight into Jessa’s personal life and damaged past almost gives a weakness to the character that is cliched, overdramatic, and well, out of place on a show like Girls. She should just be. Simply exist. That’s why her character was brought onto the show, and frankly, there’s no reason for her to be justified. That was the appeal of Jessa’s character. She was the absolute definition of IDGAFOS and you didn’t question it. Now you will. And it was unnecessary. Let us pray to the television gods that they don’t do something like this to Shoshanna. If Dunham pulls something like this with Shos, I just might stop watching altogether.

In Which Jessa’s Dad’s Girlfriend Grabs Her Crotch And That Was The Only Funny Moment Of The Episode

Seriously. In that entire subplot, of visiting Jessa’s father, the fact that someone grabbed their crotch yelling that the government lies and the world is a video game was the highlight of the entire episode, and it wasn’t even that funny. This is where Girls is going, and all I can do is shake my head.

Another week of Girls down, another week of me hoping that somehow this show gets better and somehow lives up to the potential that it showed in the fourth episode, “It’s A Shame About Ray.” When the trailer for next week (which is embedded) below said ‘Only Three Episodes Left’, I smiled with sweet relief. Only three more weeks until either this show will hit a stride that will probably not carry over into the third season that should have been aborted and Game Of Thrones starts. So, yay for that. Let me know if you think Girls is as horrible as I do either in the comments or on Twitter. Only three more weeks and then we don’t have to think about Lena Dunham for a year.

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