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Reduce Your Resume [Ready U Conquer This List]


The most important piece to the post-grad puzzle is your resume. Your resume is basically a piece of paper (or a .doc file these days) that sums up every single reason why you’re qualified for the positions you apply for. We volunteer, we intern, we make the Dean’s List—all because we want to build the perfect resume that will impress potential employers. And this is great! It’s important to keep your future on your mind while you’re enjoying college life. If we just party our way through college with nothing real to show for it, you’re not going to have much to write on that resume besides, “Couch Potato Champion.”

A problem that many run into when it comes to their resumes is that they have too much to brag about (I know, right? What a terrible thing!). We want to fit in every single accomplishment, skill and “braggable” trait on our resume so that we can show a company or organization who we really are and what we can offer them. This is wonderful, but it’s a pretty well-known fact that resumes should be kept short, sweet and to the point. No resume should be more than one page. That’s a lot of work for the people looking over your resume and it may really hurt your chances, which seems counter-intuitive since you’re just trying to show how much you have to offer.

Now, I’m not saying that you need to downplay how amazing and awesome you are; just tell the world how awesome and amazing you are on one page, or one notecard, or even one post-it! You never know when you’ll be out (or at the grocery store buying some Tampax®, yikes!) and meet someone who could really help you find a great job, and you’ll need your resume. You can’t carry around a folder with a neatly-pressed and freshly-inked copy of your humble brag sheet, so you’ll need to improvise!

So in honor of my attempt to complete all the tasks on ReadyU’s Conquer This List, I went ahead and started my plan to check off #36: Reduce Your Resume! ReadyU is a great resource for everything college students need to excel beyond the classroom, and what could be more indicative of my post-college success then acing the fine art of resume building.

I’ve been meaning to make business cards anyway to carry around with me just in case I do run unexpectedly into someone who can really help me advance my career, so now was the time. Thanks to some quick and easy printing websites, I designed and ordered business cards that not only provided a recipient with my basic information (e-mail, Twitter account, personal website), but also a few simple character traits that I believe will help explain who I am as a person and as an employee (Creative. Collaborative. Kind.) I can now carry these cards with me in my purse wherever I go—the bars, the mall, or a party where I only know the host. It’s the perfect way to network and look pretty legit at the same time!

In today’s culture, everyone is busy and likes everything quick, simple, and easy—this also includes resumes. So as you’re on your way to becoming a post-grad, remember to keep it simple and reduce that resume!

And don’t forget to keep checking back to see what else I’m doing to “conquer” ReadyU’s college bucket list before graduation!

Katie is a Web Content Publisher for Launch Digital Marketing. She graduated with a degree in English from North Central College in Naperville, Illinois. She enjoys traveling, reality TV, and coffee--lots of coffee.