Tuffy Love Mixes Work and Romance

Dear Tuffy Luv,

A few months ago I met a guy through school. Without going into too much detail about what I do, we work together very closely in our major. I had a little crush on him for a while, but never did anything about it. We hung out in group settings pretty often, though…I’ve always been attracted to him, but I thought he was too hot for me (I know, this is terrible self-talk!). Lo and behold, the other night we were hanging out with a bunch of people at my apartment, and after everyone left we stayed up all night talking…and then cuddling, and then making out. We stopped, though, and agreed that it wasn’t such a great idea to start anything since we work together so closely at school every day.

The problem, though, is that I like him a lot. A LOT. I’d totally go for it and ask him out myself, but I’m really worried that if things go badly, it could mean awkwardness and bad feelings between us for the next year and a half, while we’re still going to school together. I don’t want to lose an opportunity with a guy that I’m really into, but I don’t want to mess things up either! What should I do?

Torn between love and work

Dear Torn between love and work,

Well, that’ll teach you to think someone is too hot for you! Big lesson there, kids. Why do you assume someone is out of your league?! You don’t know how someone else sees you. Why assume it’s not good?!?!?!?!?!!!

So, like, be brave. Like you just were. Like you so clearly actually are. Look, it could be a disaster. But ANYTHING could be a disaster. That’s life. This is someone you have a LOT in common with. You like each other. Now you even know you’re attracted to each other. You MUST give this a shot. If it doesn’t work out…okay, yes, it might be awkward. But isn’t potential awkwardness outweighed by the possibility of potential love? I mean LOVE. Isn’t that what we’re all after? And this guy really could be the real deal. And if you don’t go for it, you’re going to be kicking yourself for years and years.

Ask him out. And if it doesn’t work out, refuse to let it get weird. You’re in control of your own life. Make it a good one.

Hearts & Skulls,
Tuffy Luv

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