Jeah! Our First Official Glimpse at “What Would Ryan Lochte Do?” [Video]

What would Ryan Lochte do? Well, we’re all about to find out on E!, April 21 at 10PM (EST). The manfish has been working on a reality TV show with E! that will show his day-to-day life including workouts, dates and family time! I’ve missed him since the summer Olympics, and after his appearance on 90210 I was wondering when he’d hit the small screen in his own right…not that he totes didn’t steal the show.

Sadly, the series is only set for six episodes thus far, and will then be taken over by Married to Jonas’ second season. Obviously if we all eat the show up and become crazed, obsessed fans (already there)  it’ll be signed on for more.

Although E!’s first promo below doesn’t really give anything away about the show, it definitely gives us ladies a sight for sore eyes. So basically, even though Ry’s not actually doing anything, or saying anything really important or intelligent…he’s still really damn good to look at. I have a feeling this is how the whole six episodes are going to roll out…and I’m okay with it! Who needs intellectually engaging television? Jeah!

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