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Beathound Helps You Find New Music You’ll Love [Web Spy]


Like any college student (or anyone of our generation living in the digital age), I have a ton of music in my iTunes library – and I’m always adding more. I love finding new music from artists I’ve only recently discovered as well as those I’ve listened to for years, and the super-awesome website Beathound helps make that a whole lot easier.

First, export your iTunes library as a .xml file (there are instructions on how to do this on Beathound‘s site), and upload it to Beathound.

Beathound will then analyze your library – depending on how much music you have, this step could take a couple of hours, so you’re better off uploading the file before you head to class or make sure you have a few episodes of your favorite show to catch up with on Netflix while you wait.

Once it’s done analyzing your library, Beathound will let you know if you are missing any albums from artists you already listen to. While there are obviously some albums you already knew about or don’t want, chances are you’ll discover a few cool live albums or early EPs from your favorite bands. Beathound even includes links to buy the music on the iTunes Store or Amazon, or listen to it on Rdio.

Once you’ve had your music analyzed, Beathound will also send you a weekly email with recent releases from artists you like, so you’ll never miss out on new music again!

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