Disney’s New Fashionista Video Game Is, Like, So Accurate – NOT [Candy Dish]

Disney has a new video game targeted at ladies around our age (from 20-29) and it’s just so realistic. You know, we’re all financially stable straight out of college, we all go from studio apartments (No roommates? Hilarious!) to living in metropolitan penthouses without a student loan or care in the world. I don’t know about you but Auntie Sallie Mae likes to visit a lot. According to The Frisky, “City Girl” does have a plot progression: you’re a recent New York City transplant moving from a “grungy studio” to a penthouse and climbing the ladder in your career, making friends with rich kids and other fashion designers. She can shop, decorate her pad, try on clothes, attend costume parties, and hang out with her glamorous friends.”

Now that I am done ranting, let the record show that I would totally play this game. I am such a sucker!

In Other News

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