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Rachel McAdams Is Newly Single, So Who Should She Date Next?


Who remembers The Notebook? Yes, I am asking this question sarcastically since many girls have probably just watched The Notebook just yesterday for the millionth times in their lives (me included). Does anyone else every question how it would be if the hero and heroine of a movie were actually together in real life? When I heard that Ryan Gosling was dating Rachel McAdams back in 2004, I was so happy for off-screen couple, but sadly they broke off their engagement.

However, have no fear, because guess what people! Rachel McAdams has just split from her latest man, Michael Sheen! Our beloved Allie is now single again. I personally want Rachel to have her Notebook ending, so I have decided to help her out by putting together a list of six men that I think would be “perfect” for her. Tell me if you agree with me or if you think I should pursue a career path as a love guru.

Oh, and just because we can…

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