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The Internet Doesn’t Care About Boobs, Gets Even With “We Saw Your Junk” [Video]


When Seth MacFarlane took the stage to host the Academy Awards last Sunday, people were mainly shocked over two things — 1. how hot the guy actually is, and 2. how blatantly misogynistic his jokes were. (If ever there were a catch 22, but I digress…)

The crown jewel of his questionable repertoire was perhaps a song he performed called, “We Saw Your Boobs”. It’s been widely discussed across the internet as a celebration of rape (since most of the boobs Seth saw were revealed during scenes of sexual assault), a degradation of women, a reminder that the Academy is still somewhat of a boys’ club.

While there’s no way Seth can take back his tasteless performance, the Internet does have a knack for getting even. For those who cry out for equality, you’re about to get yours. Here, in a musical presentation, are all the places you can see actors’ junk. Yay?