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10 Ways to Embrace Me Time


Ever feel like you really just need some time to yourself? I know what you’re probably thinking and I’m right there with you: how am I ever going to fit in “me time” when I have 3 papers and a midterm next week and all I want to do is go out this weekend?! I get it, but a little time to yourself may be just what you need to retain your brain power and kick butt on your midterms.

With the trauma of ubiquitous midterms following us around campus no matter where we go, a little “me time” goes a very long way. Luckily for us, YourTango has the best activities to do for yourself that will help you get all the “you time” you may need to retain rationality before Spring Break. Ah, that too-good-t0-be-true-right-now mirage that is Spring Break (if you can’t tell, I am VERY excited for those wonderful two weeks off).

Whether you love being alone every now and then, or feel awkward even at the thought of having to do anything by yourself, there’s an activity for you! My favorite: going to the coffee shop. Find out yours by checking out the list here!

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