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7 Ways You Can Tell That Midterms Are Here


As if you needed another reminder that you have that giant midterm in two days. Midterms are regrettably upon us, yet again, as they unfortunately seem to be semester after semester. No matter what we do and how we try to escape from our ridiculously busy schedules, forgetting that we have a midterm coming up is a sweet thought that can only last for so long.

Sitting in my campus coffee shop, it’s difficult to ignore the fact that it’s almost time for midterms week. From the number of people milling in and out grabbing caffeine for a late night of studying, to the looks on the faces of those heading to the library, that dreaded cloud of midterms is looming over everyone’s heads. Personally, I’ve found that a good cup of coffee and some new music in your headphones can get you through it. So close your eyes for a second and take a deep breath.

Now open them and check out our 7 Ways You Can Tell That Midterms Are Here!

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