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The 15 Best Guests On Jenny Jones [Gallery]


Sometimes I long for the days where I could stay home from school, snuggle up in a blanket and watch trashy daytime talk shows. Most of these shows are just vehicles for the media to exploit rather strange people, reduce them to cultural stereotypes or make them look dumb. Now, obviously these people want to be on TV which is why I don’t feel too guilty watching these shows. In fact, I would say I get a lot of joy from watching them because, let’s be real, these folk end up in some very¬†ratchet¬†situations. It’s fascinating to watch the complicated and bizarre scenarios people can get themselves in. Jenny Jones was a pioneer in highlighting the strange and and unheard of (in a pre-internet world). Here are the 15 best guests from JJ.

Emerald is an editor at CollegeCandy, lover of coffee, and pretend francophile. After studying writing and popular culture at NYU she decided to be a grownup and get a job. Tweet at ya' girl @EmeraldGritty.