Obama Urges Supreme Court To Rule In Favor Of Same-Sex Marriage [Sugar Binge]

The country is going to reach a critical turning point regarding its stance on same-sex marriage. The Supreme Court will decide on March 26 on whether or not California’s Prop 8 (which makes same-sex marriage illegal) is unconstitutional or not.

Obama says, “[Prop 8] doesn’t provide any rationale for discriminating against same-sex couples other than just the notion, ‘Well, they’re same-sex couples. I felt it was important for us to articulate what I believe and what this administration stands for.'” Yeah, we know! The President’s support is huge. Remember, federal rule has a huge impact on changing the collective attitudes of the country. Think of all the people, at one time the majority of people, who opposed  extending equal rights to women and people of color. Who knows how much slower change would have been if the federal government did not eventually take a stance?

• Taylor Swift may be dating Ed Sheeran but I don’t quite see it. I mean, Ed doesn’t seem like he is going to be a huge jerk to her and jerks make for the best songs

“Taylor Swift has been linked to yet another British singer after reports claim she is now dating Ed Sheeran. The pair are close friends after writing songs on Taylor’s album, Red, and Ed will be supporting Taylor on her US tour later this year.”

Maybe she is passed her jerk phase and into her puppy love face.

• Creative Artists Agency signs Viola Davis. Woohoo

• This news anchor can’t stop laughing because this cat can swim!


 • Kerry Washington made media mogul Harvey Weinsten angry by not wearing a Marchesa dress (the designer, Georgina Chapman, is his wife). Too bad for Harvey, Kerry was swagging on the cover of Ebony. 

Parents Just Don’t Understand…Or Do They? [Diary of the Undateable]
Parents Just Don’t Understand…Or Do They? [Diary of the Undateable]
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