3 Things To Do With Old Mason Jars [DIY with CC]

If you have old mason jars lying around your house, we have the perfect craft ideas for you! If you don’t but still want to get crafty with us, you can buy mason jars for cheap at Walmart. These ideas are fun, inexpensive and can definitely add a little flair to your home.

1) Floating Candle Holder

Things you’ll need:

-mason jar

-marbles / gems

-floating candle


-decorating supplies (string, paint, etc)

What to do:

-Place the marbles at the bottom of the mason jar

-Fill the jar with 3/4 water

-Place the candle in the jar

-Decorate the jar as much or as little as you wish!

Thanks to adelynSTONE for the inspiration!

2.) Glowing Jar

What you’ll need:

-mason jar

-glow in the dark paint

-paint brush

-bright lamp

What to do:

-Paint the inside of the jar with the glow paint (you can get creative here: spots, stripes, stars, whatever you wish!)

-Let the paint dry completely

-Hold the jar up to a lamp to “charge” the glow paint

-Turn off your lights and watch your jar glow!

Thanks to From Panka With Love for this great idea!

3) “Redneck Wine Glass”

What you’ll need:

-mason jar

-candle stick holder (one with a flat top to sit nicely at the bottom of the jar)

-E6000 (super industrial strength glue)

What to do:

-Place to E6000 along the bottom of the jar and the top of the candle stick holder

-DON’T stick them together yet; let it sit for about a minute

-Stick the two together

-Let it dry (follow the drying instructions on the glue)

-Decorate as you wish!

Thanks to Kanelstrand for the great idea! They also have a more detailed video on how to conquer these glasses, so head over there for more info.

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