Doctors Cured Baby With HIV, Holy Crap [Candy Dish]

Holy crap, for the second time in recorded history a patient has been cured of HIV. The first instance was in the case of a man who received a bone marrow transplant from a donor who was coincidentally resistant to the virus. Now, an infant has been cured of the virus, though more research is needed, it appears that the child who was infected by its mother has made a full recovery. The Frisky reports, “Virus levels continued to decline to the point where it was undetectable when the child was 18 months old. The mother didn’t bring the baby back to the hospital for another five months for treatment, at which point doctors expected to see increased viral loads — they were shocked when tests came back negative. The only explanation is that the baby had been cured of the virus or had never been officially positive in the first place, in which case the treatment worked as a preventative measure and killed off the virus before it could lie dormant in so-called hidden “reservoirs” in the baby’s body. Further studies are being planned to see if early testing and aggressive treatment can work for other babies.” Amazing. This is big news, millions of people are infected with HIV/AIDS and although the disease isn’t as terrible as it was before, it’s still a costly and painful illness to have.

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