Uncle Jesse Leaves The Rippers, Joins The Black Keys

From time to time in the music industry, there are just those completely awesome collaborations that you can’t help but be excited for. I mean, the recent combination of Paul McCartney and Nirvana was one of the coolest things I’d ever seen. And now MTV News has reported that the Black Keys have announced that they’ll be adding a certain celeb to their new album. And the celebrity musician that will be featured? None other than the guy with great hair that you most likely had a crush on growing up, John Stamos.

Yep, America’s Favorite Uncle will be playing drums on the Black Keys’ new album, set to be released some time this year. From watchingĀ Full House, we all know that Uncle Jesse was the cool rocker uncle with the awesome hair and the band Jesse and the Rippers. I personally would love to accompany the Tanners to The Smash Club to see Uncle Jesse perform (in my 90s dreams).

But even though Uncle Jesse and the Rippers was a fake group, John Stamos is actually a really talented musician (I got to see him perform with The Beach Boys at two different concerts, another awesome collaboration). He plays guitar, drums, and has a pretty good singing voice, which made for an awesome concert, though I do wish he would have said “have mercy” maybe just once…or twice.

Patrick Carney of the Black Keys officially announced the collaboration, saying, “We’re working with John Stamos. He’s actually performing the drums on our album,” as reported by MStars News. Stamos seems pretty psyched about it, tweeting this on February 19: “@patrickcarney i love your drumming, love the black keys, love your HONESTY. you’re an inspiration to this ex teen idol. thanks man.”

What about you? Are you psyched for this collaboration? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

RIP Jesse and the Rippers!


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