Recap: Girls Season 2, Episode 8 [A Bro’s Thoughts]

So Girls decided to pull a “Conversations With Dead People” with their latest episode, “It’s Back.” For those who don’t know, “Conversations With Dead People” has cemented itself in TV lore as one of the best Buffy episodes of all time (#1 will always be “The Body” obviously) due to the production process behind the episode itself, rather than the actual episode. In the episode, there were four vignettes based around four separate characters all written by four separate writers. This is harder to do than you think due to the fact that across a 40 minute episode, each writer had only 10 minutes to work with per character. This episode of Girls is almost as equally impressive due to the fact that there are 3 writers credited but (almost) the entire cast had their own, individual, fleshed out, and just plain good¬†story line¬†that we haven’t seen since “It’s A Shame About Ray.” (I know I talk about that episode every week, but seriously, watch it again, and then watch last week’s bullshit and tell me that episode isn’t gold.)

In Which Hannah Has OCD And I Almost Started Caring About Lena Dunham And Then I Remembered She’s Lena Dunham

Maybe it’s because it’s been, like, a bazillion years since Monk was on the air, but I totally forgot what kind of tell tale signs there were for OCD. While some may take this as Hannah’s dramatic turn due to all the stresses in her life, I really don’t see how moving on from Adam with the bunch of dudes she’s had sex with over the past season and turning in her first pages of an eBook is really that big of a deal. Once again, Dunham just expects us to ‘get’ Hannah, and at first, I’ll admit, she got to me. The bathroom scene in the restaurant especially. It was a horrifyingly brutal portrait of someone who just wasn’t okay and was in complete denial of themselves. Then Hannah had to go to the shrink.

It took less than 30 seconds of dialogue and all sympathy I had felt towards Hannah and her illness swooping down on her getting ready to ruin her life was just gone. The fact that Hannah was once again able to bring up some really graphic and just terrifying imagery about her high school career had me question if Dunham was going for pure shock value, or if she really thought that these kinds of admissions genuinely add to the character. I don’t really know where Hannah is going as a character, and as a lead, it’s really annoying and should be fixed. The OCD was a great addition of depth, but recklessly stomped on for the sake of a weird, albeit needless psychotherapy session. Huh.

In Which Shoshanna Remains Flawless Because She’s The Best Character On The Show

Shoshanna is the best character on Girls and finally got an episode to shine and I loved every minute that she was on screen. The fact that in a single episode she goes from the Shoshanna we know and love to independently awkward to questioning everything she really knows to cheating on Ray is exactly what you want out of every single episode of Girls but you never get it. It’s such a shame that Shoshanna isn’t given more of a spotlight especially since there are only two episodes left in the season run now. Also, do you think that Zosia Mamet just gets free reign on ad-libbing some of her lines? I feel like the delivery and thought process behind some of her rambles are too good to come from the pages of something written by Lena Dunham if we’re basing it off of how she writes Hannah. For serious. Think about it.

In Which Hurricane Marnie Has Finally Hit Land But Will Probably Only Do Minor Damage

I have never seen a more inconsequential character to make me feel better about myself than Marnie does. She self-inflicts all of her pain and awkwardness that she has to use Ray, a dude who was crying with a stolen dog on a park bench because that was how exciting his life had gotten recently, as a life coach because he was the only one in Shoshanna’s apartment and in his boxers. While I did really dig the fact that Charlie has become what Marnie always wanted due to the fact that she broke up with him, I felt like Marnie took it, well, like Marnie would. I was just expecting something, for lack of a better term, more. That she would go back to Charlie’s new app office and pour black paint everywhere. Or she would go to that horrible party with Shoshanna and sleep with everyone there. Or she would attempt to sleep with Ray because, well, he’s there and she needs to feel better. But instead, we got Marnie living in more delusion about where she is in life and saying how she ‘has all her shit together’ because as viewers we’re supposed to laugh at the irony but instead it just comes off dumb. And a singing career?!? Seriously?!?! I swear to God, if some douchebag gives Allison Williams a record deal off of these episodes or something, I will never even think of this show ever again.

In Which Adam Is Back, Is A Super Strong Character And Should Leave Hannah Behind

I thought Adam’s portrayal this episode was not only probably the best performance on this series so far, but frankly, the most realistic as well. Adam doesn’t hold himself in high-esteem, he knows he’s weird and he knows we know that he’s weird. The AA meeting confession I felt was a cheap ploy for fans to know that he’s still a little bit hung up on Hannah, but I took it as: good for him, you know? Hannah’s so bad for him that it’s making him realize how fucked up of a situation it is, and that she makes him want to drink a little bit and he knows how bad that would be for him. If there was ever a time for Adam to meet a new girl, it was then and there, and for the first time ever, the writers of Girls delivered something expected but sweet and excellently executed. From the awkward phone call to the ‘Holy shit’ sighting, Adam’s falling for a new girl that he met from a mom in his AA meeting and we couldn’t be happier for him. While we know Hannah’s going to throw a monkey wrench in this somehow, I would rather see Adam like this until next season than all fucked up and probably in a hospital again in the finale.

This episode of Girls was definitely better than the last few weeks, and for that I am grateful. We’re in the homestretch now, and with only two episodes left, we can only hope that Hannah will actually do something of worth in her growth as a character, or she’ll just be left off the screen altogether and let Shoshanna and Adam be the leads. If you feel the same way, let me know in the comments or on Twitter. Check out the preview for next week’s episode below.

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