How to Have Fulfilling Sex…When You’re Not In Love

Since we live in the age of instant gratification, digital interaction and NSA hookups, how far do you think people are going to go to recreate natural things?

YourTango just created a post entitled, “Sex for Sex’s Sake: 5 Ways To Make It Fulfilling.” They argue that people can get the same out of casual sex as sex within a serious relationship, as long as certain efforts are made. We do live in a time where young people really are more free and uninhibited in sexual realms; casual sex is not as taboo as it used to be.

I’m not judging those that choose to live like this at all, more power to ya! But I just have a hard time believing that you can recreate these types of emotions with the steps listed. YT tells readers to do things like leave your expectations at the door and focus on what you’re generally attracted to with the person, or multiple things. I feel like, no matter what, if you have been in love and experienced being with that person, you’ll end up being disappointed. I just feel like the two experiences shouldn’t be compared or paralleled because they aren’t the same at all.

Click here to get all five steps; do you think they work?

[Lead image via varuna/Shutterstock]

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