Girl Meets World Casts Co’panga’s Son, Is QT Pie

Girl Meets World – The Boy Meets World  spinoff – has cast Corey and Topanga’s son. Teo Halm will play Elliot Matthews, Riley Matthews’ older brother. We were a little confused about the math on Corey and Topanga having an 11-year-old daughter who is set to be the star of the series and an older brother because they were so young when the series ended. The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that the series takes place thirteen years after Boy Meets World has ended which makes a lot more sense. Topanga and Corey were married at nineteen so it makes sense that they would be young parents. Creator Michael Jacobs has been vocal about keeping the integrity of the original series while addressing more modern issues like technology, so I am pretty excited about what this show could be.

Jacobs told THR, “I think of Boy Meets World and I think of Wonder Years and I think of Happy Days, which I grew up [with]. The thing that delineates this show is that I don’t want this to be anything except the natural experience of actually growing up in this current world. I’m reading a lot about, “Is this girl going to be a singer? Is this girl going to aspire to be an actress?” This is a girl who is going to aspire to put one foot in front of the other and to try and understand the confusion that is her life. That’s what I think becomes real about this show. The stories we intend on doing are stories about a real girl who is coming of age.”

The show sounds more and more promising as information about it is revealed.

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