Is Ian Somerhalder Officially the New Christian Grey?

After reading the Fifty Shades trilogy last summer, I couldn’t wait to put some faces to the names once they cast the parts of Ana and Christian for the film adaptation. Although both parts are obviously really vital to fans everywhere (my favorite for Ana has been Lucy Hale so far) we all know all us gals are just drooling thinking of the possibilities for the main man.

Rumors started on Twitter after E.L. James responded with a smiley face after a fan posted a pic of Ian Somerhalder with a Fifty Shades quote, making fans believe she was confirming the choice. Although nothing has been officially announced, I feel Ian would not be as incredibly handsome with blonde hair, what do you guys think? I love seeing Ryan Goseling in pretty much everything, but I’m just not sure he could pull this role off? He’s just such a sweetheart. I feel this role is going to be harder to cast than we all might think. My pick? Chris Pine, whatta babe!

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Who would you guys cast as Christian Grey?

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