March Motivation Challenge: Week 1 [CC’s ShapeU]

March is an awkward month. The seasons make the awkward transition from winter to spring; we awkwardly sign-up for next semester’s classes in the midst of still trying to figure out what the heck our first exams are on (…wait, so I actually did need that two-hundred dollar textbook? Awkward.); even setting ourselves up to be productive for the summer is awkward – phone interviews? How are we supposed to show off our new business casual attire? But aside from Mother Nature having to wake her lazy-self up and registrar needing a reality check, March is also a point in time when we tend to lose a little motivation in the realm of working out and heading to the gym.

Let’s face it: the initial good intentions of January 1st’s resolution are quickly dwindling, the mid-semester stress is wearing down our snacking will power – must…resist…ohh, is that red velvet? – and our procrastination is putting serious restrictions on our allotted workout time. Not to mention we’ve exhausted SO many of our creative, keep-me-into-it workout plans, and barely have time to think, let alone put together a workout. And did I forget the fact that Spring Break is right around the corner? Ain’t nobody got time for that! So while we find ourselves awkwardly scraping by this March, ShapeU is here to help with a month-long challenge that will keep you motivated and get your ready for Spring Break and beyond! Time to kickoff ‘March Motivation’!

For week one of this fabulous workout plan, we will focus on our favorite method of cardio – intervals, of course – and toning exercises that will work out your glutes and thighs! Check it out:

A workout routine that takes out all the guess-work of exercising – what more motivation could we need? Stick to the plan for the full week, and tune in next week for Week 2 of the March Motivation Challenge! Stay motivated.

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