12 WTF Bad Date Moments That Really Happened

First dates are just awkward. That’s all there is to it. Even if the guy is totally hot and you’re looking great in your new pastel dress and sparkly heels, there are going to be moments that don’t go as smoothly asĀ  they should. You’ll spill, there will be things in your teeth, you’ll say something about an ex by accident but, in the end, you’ll likely still end up on a second date. And then there are really bad dates…the ones when you question a dude’s criminal history, wonder if he lied about that psychology degree, or speculate he just has too many cats. Either way, hearing about people’s own revelations about when the date just went downhill is quite entertaining.

Reddit had an awesome post asking people about their own bad dates. Here are a list of twelve moments people just knew their dates would end badly:

-When getting ice cream she pulls out a full bottle of Jack Daniels, pours it on her ice cream because “it’s her favorite topping” and then claims she was not an alcoholic.

-When she had solo pictures of herself framed all over her room.

-When he said “watch a movie or something” I didn’t think it would be watching a porno in his basement.

-When he came back from the bar with an extra fizzy drink.

-When I farted and she almost threw up.

-When she got a call from her mom that her grandma died.

-The moment when he opened the door of his place totally naked.

-When he showed up at my apartment to pick me up, he pulled out a packet of heroin and snorted it off of my kitchen table.

-He looked down my shirt and asked me if I wore that bra just for him.

-When he said “Hey, I paid for everything, so you should repay the favor [with oral sex].”

-Midway through the dinner of the dinner-and-a-movie date, she says “I think you’d really like my boyfriend.”

-When she started asking me if I would take care of her emotionally and financially. Oh, and then asked me to get her pregnant.

Do you guys have any dating horror stories? Tell us!

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