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7 Bizarre Movies We All Loved at Some Point


Movie ticket prices are sort of ridiculous nowadays (I think it’s like $10 where I live!), but if there is a movie I know that is going to be hilarious or has plenty of eye candy in it for me, I can’t stop myself. I still go hoping that the 10 dollars I pay is worth it. Also, I feel like there are just a bunch of amazing movies coming out this year (Hunger Games sequel, anyone?) so you are probably going to find me at the movie theater more than usual…

Anyways, earlier I saw the trailer for a new movie called Rapturepalooza, starring Anna Kendrick and John Francis Daley (OMG I love Bones!!!!), which made me die laughing. It’s basically about two teens who are stuck on earth during the Rapture and are taking on the Anti-Christ himself:

In short, I have added this movie onto my never ending list of new movies I want to see which is not helping my budget.

Even though Rapturepalooza seems a little bizarre, I realized maybe bizarre movies are what sell, which inspired me to compile a list of seven bizarre/strange/weird movies we love whether we admit it or not…

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