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Internet Think Tank Knows Why We Hate Anne Hathaway


Lots of people don’t like Anne Hathaway and the internet has taken to forming a think tank on Quora in order to answer the question, “Why do so many people hate Anne Hathaway?” My best friend has a very personal and legitimate reason for disliking Anne Hathaway. Their lives crossed paths for an extended period of time and she did something pretty unforgivable. Therefore by the transitive property I dislike Anne Hathaway. Although, I find it fascinating that so many people are picking up on something that is apparently universally off-putting about her behavior. I think people can smell inauthenticity a mile away and Anne is pretty guilty of that.

The reason her insincerity comes across as negative is because she is so desperately trying to come across as sincere. It’s almost like when someone asks you an important question and you’re so nervous you stumble through the truth and even though it is the truth, your anxiety makes it sound like a lie. Essentially, she is just socially awkward, aware of it and trying not to seem so. (But for me there IS that really terrible thing she did to my BFF.)

Check out some excerpts from the best Quora theories below.

It is purely based on intangibles and intuition. It is the exact same reaction that you have when you meet someone at a party, chat briefly, and walk away with a feeling of ‘I just don’t get that person.'” Michael Wolfe, Startup founder

I suspect it’s because the volume of accolades, awards, and fame shes received are unusually high for even a top actress her age . . . She’s an example of god giving with both hands and therefore violates our innate expectation of a fair universe: something must be wrong with that stuck-up bitch!” — Andrew Hamada, marketing/cx at Amazon 

CNN had a good article about this today. They report that the Hathaway hatred is widespread and cite a few key reasons:  ‘Just one of the people who just doesn’t come off as sincere. Take for example her award show acceptance speeches. The whole point of awards shows is that no one knows who is going to win and the audience counts on that element of surprise to be part of a winner’s speech. Hathaway’s words of gratitude come off as way too rehearsed.” — Will Wister, Quora Admin.

The reason ‘so many’ people hate Anne Hathaway is that, in reality, most of those people probably DON’T “hate” her. They just slowly became more aware of the online narrative about how disliked she is, exposing them to the “she’s fake and stuck up” accusations, and like anything else that becomes a well-known talking point popularized in certain online communities, people jumped aboard.” — Mark Hughes, Screenwriter, Forbes Blogger

Attacking Anne Hathaway for being smarmy or whatever has about as much real social impact as calling Persephone a dumb slut. You’re just cursing the gods, and making yourself look petty.” — J.C. Hewitt, Freelancer

Hathaway is like that person who would be an awesome friend if they weren’t so desperate for your attention. Part of my annoyance is the fact that she’s clearly talented and doesn’t need this schtick, yet she does it anyway. I want her to be better.” — Anon

No one seems to consider that Hathaway comes across as fake because she’s just plain socially awkward. Give her a role to play, and she can do an outstanding job. Ask her to be herself, and I suspect her response would be something like “Who’s that?” So she tries too hard to please and ends up rubbing people the wrong way.” — Denise Cummins

Having heard stories from several people who have encountered her…she’s not a nice person.” — Anon

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