March Madness! Who Is The Best TV Couple Of All Time?

It’s March! It’s time for MADNESS! Television madness. CollegeCandy wants to know who is the best TV couple of all time. Your favorite kings and queens will duke it out, head to head (heart to heart?) in a battle of epic romances from Corey and Topanga to Monica and Chandler, from Spencer and Heidi to Buffy and Angel. We’ve broken down these legendary affairs into four categories: Teen, Drama, Sitcom and Reality. Each round you’ll vote for the best couple in a dueling pair. The first 16 winners, from our 32 battling pairs, will then go head to head in the next round. You’ll continue to vote and our champion duos will keep fighting it out until we can crown the Reigning King and Queen of Television.


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Teen couple are a staple of everyone’s entertainment repertoire. The melodrama, coming of age themes and hot, hallway gossip make for some scandalous scenarios. Let’s get real, regardless of who the Reigning King and Queen is, we all have VERY STRONG feelings about who should be dubbed the Prince and Princess of Teenage Wasteland. Cory and Topanga are basically mythological creatures. They weren’t just high school sweethearts they were middle school crushes. But – BUT – Chuck and Blair, Chuck and Blair, Chuck. AND. BLAIR. Those two were crafted by the Upper East Side Gods themselves to be together. So, which basket are you putting your eggs?


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These couples know how to bring the dramz. Whether it’s Olivia Pope shacking up with the PRESIDENT in Scandal or Carrie and Big stringing each other along in Sex and The City, these pairs sure know how to shake up a love affair with infidelity, clear and eminent danger or even a bit of incest (Here’s looking at you Lady Mary and Cousin Matthew!). Which couple will make it out alive when they’re busy fighting vampires, being vampires, time travling or saving the world from impending doom? Only time will tell.


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Putting Ross and Rachel up against Monica and Chandler is one of our evilest doings. Mwuahahaha. Too bad for those cancelled (burn!) pairs The Office’s Pam and Jim Halpert have become the knew Bings although now that Parks & Rec’s  Leslie and Ben have tied the knot they’re up for some serious competition. I don’t know about you guys, though, I have always been a Liz Lemon and food kind of girl.


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Some of you may be urged to vote for Audrina and Justin Bobby because you want to bring back the name “Justin Bobby,” because saying “JUSTIN BOBBY!” is a lot of freaking fun. This is REAL LIFE you guys. Vote with your heart and by that I mean vote for Scott Disick because he is a flawless creature. Just kidding, vote for Ice and Coco because Ice legit loves Coco. I don’t mean to sway the vote but have you see that show? He is soooooo into his boo, it’s unbelievable. Vote with your heart, guys. Vote with the organ of love.

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