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Occidental Students Are PO’ed About Rape Cases Getting Swept Under Rug [Sugar Binge]


Occidental College is under fire by its students for failing to report a recent sexual assault to the student body. According to the college’s sexual policy mandate all students are to be notified when a sexual assault on campus occurs. The L.A. Times reports, “School officials did not issue a campus alert because it was determined there was no ‘continuing threat’ following the report, Barbara J. Avery, dean of students, wrote in an email sent Thursday to students, faculty and staff . . . Had this been a case where a student was assaulted by a person unknown, or a case where the college determined that there was a continuing threat, we would have immediately issued a campus alert, as we have in the past.”

Jezebel is now reporting that outraged students are speaking up against the school, claiming that in recent weeks they have covered up two more incidents and are notorious for failing to meet the needs of rape survivors and fail to punish their perpetrators. One student wrote, “The media is reporting about one incident where the college has swept a rape case under the rug, but they have no idea how big of a deal this is. There have been 3 rape cases in the last 2 weeks and none of them were reported to the campus as the sexual conduct policy mandates. Over the last year there have been numerous rape trials (full of victim blaming and re-traumatization) that have ended with survivors STILL having to be in class with their convicted rapists.”

The school has created a Dear Oxy Tumblr, where students can vent their frustrations on the issue, with the mission statement, “We are fed up with Occidental’s failure to address the sexual assault epidemic on campus and we are not alone.” Occidental’s Sexual Assault Coalition is leading a campus-wide movement. Great to see students standing up to systematic injustice, but aren’t we sick of reading about this exact kind of systematic injustice?

In Other News

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