Don’t Let Having Glasses Rain on Your Makeup Parade! [CC Beauty Live]

Back in the days of middle school, wearing glasses was thought to be kind of…well…dorky. For those of us with glasses, braces, and asthma – we were just asking for the jokes and doomed by unfortunate genetics. Luckily for me as time went on my teeth got straighter, my asthma got better, and glasses became “cool”. Especially now, the bigger the frame, the cuter the glasses.

I just got a new pair after updating my prescription and I HAD to go with these huge Buddy Holly glasses from Michael Kors. While I’m all about embracing your inner geek, or outer geek, glasses tend to be draw focus away from your eyes, which are really like the keys to your soul or something. So watch below as I show tips to make your eyes stand out from behind your glasses. The key? Brighten those suckers up. Turn around bright eyes….

Watch below!

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