Mom Offers $500 Reward to Get Daughter a Job

Sad truth of the day: We live in a time when it’s really hard to get a job, no matter what credentials you have! Since many of us are soon going to be college graduates, or already are college graduates, the fact that we are or have graduated to one of the worst job markets of all time isn’t something to look forward to. Had I read the following story at any other time, I probably would have laughed at the eccentric things parents do, but now in the current economy it just makes me kind of sad thinking about the desperation this mother must be feeling for her child. This situation is something we can all relate to (more or less).

Linda Smith, the mother of 36 year-old Lisa Smith, decided to stand at a busy intersection in Menifee, California with a sign that said she would give anyone who hired her daughter for $15 or more an hour as an executive assistant or for an office job a reward of $500. Lisa has been looking for a job since last June to no avail. What do you think of this story? Do you think what the mom is doing is right or is it just plain ridiculous? Read the story to find out the rest of the details!

[Lead image via vesna cvorovic/Shutterstock]

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