The Best Love Advice We’ve Received

The Internet is abuzz with articles on the topic of International Women’s Day today. One of our favorites we stumbled across was concerning love and relationships on YourTango. At first, I thought it was going to be filled with crappy “universal” rules that really don’t apply in any healthy relationship, but, gladly, I was proven wrong. The article, “International Women’s Day: The Best Love Advice We’ve Received,” is actually a really thoughtful look at the counsel the women before us have provided concerning their experiences with relationships.

My favorite nugget of wisdom? Seek happiness from within. So true. So many people think relationships will solve all of their problems, but really, if you can’t be happy alone you won’t be with another person either.

All of them really do show the strength of women, and what we’ve all learned about self respect.

Click here to get the sage advice of the women before you.

[Lead image via Alin Brotea/Shutterstock]

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