“The Hangover Part 3” Trailer Promises an End to the Longest Hangover In History

The boys are back in town. If Las Vegas could be considered a “town.” Alan, Phil and Stu are together again for the final installment of The Hangover movies. I loved the first movie, the second was just as good, so hopefully the guys pulled it together with a cherry on top. The trailer, of course, didn’t really hint at any actual coherent plot that might be going on, but I don’t think that’s a reason to be nervous because the first two really didn’t either.

Some of the promotional posters for the film hilariously parody the last movies of the Harry Potter franchise, having characters face to face with the text, “It all ends,” with a burning Las Vegas in the foreground.

Melissa McCarthy also makes an appearance, hopefully her character is something like the one she had in Bridesmaids, this movie would be unstoppable.

We all have to wait Memorial Day to see it, but I have a feeling the trailers are going to get funnier and funnier as the weeks pass by. Watch the trailer below and see what new exotic pet friend Alan has found!


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