Australian Miners Get Fired for Doing the Harlem Shake [WTF Friday]

Is it just me or is everyone getting fed up with these Harlem Shake videos? I think that’s the real reason why 15 Australian miners got fired for doing the Harlem Shake at work- in a GOLD MINE. Um, between you and me, I would be dancing too if I was in a gold mine, which makes the epicness of this Harlem Shake video go up a gazillion notches.

Anyways, a West Australian newspaper reported that the 15 miners were fired for health and safety rules violated during the filming of their Harlem Shake. I will admit. I don’t know much about mining rules and regulations, but to me, it looks like they just having some harmless fun for thirty seconds. They still had their helmets on, and the guy who was dancing in the mud was pretty much suited up. If you want to stretch your imagination a bit, how is this any different from if they were just walking around the mines?

So, what do you guys think? Do you think the mining company was justified in firing them? Or, is it completely outrageous that they were fired from their jobs? Comment below!


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