What Is ‘Ratchetry’? These 15 Pictures Will Help Us Find Out [Gallery]

The internet likes to toss the word “ratchet,” “ratchetness,” and “rachetry” around but what does it actually mean? The term is so popular that pop divas like Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Azealia Banks and Rihanna have appropriated it. I certainly use it in my daily life. In order to find a proper definition I decided to look it up on Urban Dictionary.

UD defines, “ratchness” as, “The astronomical levels of HOEING and the displaying on extreme levels, of GHETTO.” Needless to say I was unsatisfied, displeased and did not feel it was the correct definition. It’s too slut-shaming and culturally degrading to people who live in poverty. It’s not the way I use the term and I don’t think Beyonce or Gaga would be using it if that’s what it meant. I was much more satisfied with the definition of “ratchetry.”

“Ratchetry,” can be defined as, “Serious f*ckery, tomfoolery, or other such shenanigans.” That is definitely more on the mark. I see ratchetry as the utmost, earnest form of tomfoolery! It’s a combination of an IDGAF attitude andĀ omg this is hilariousĀ behavior. It does not always involve the best judgment. It doesn’t always involve the most maturity. It doesn’t involve the most refined behavior but can you really live life to the fullest without breaking the rules? We found the best (and most PG – 13) pics from Ratchet Mess. I think you’ll understand where we’re coming from.

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