7 Fashion Icons We Should All Know (And Bow Down To)

It always amazes me when a new trend comes along and my mom goes, “Oh, I wore that when I was younger, that’s funny.” I don’t think it’s funny and in a way I feel a little less cool wearing whatever it is, but that just goes to show how cyclical fashion can really be. They’re always pulling ideas from the past and tweaking them with a modern edge, just to make themselves relevant of course (jk!).

College Fashion just posted about the 7 Fashion Icons That Everyone Should Know About, and it is an awesome list. They’ve compiled collages of each woman, analyzed her style, and found pieces on the web that we can incorporate into our closets to get that celeb’s edge.

My favs were Lucille Ball (what a class act) and an unexpected Janice Joplin (mixing bohemian and grunge at once, who would have thought that could ever work?).

Click here to read who the other five awesome timeless ladies are!

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