Remember Those Stretchy Chokers And Chinese Slippers? [Saturday Flashback]

Those stretchy choker necklaces and bracelets were the best thing ever growing up. We all had the exact same black one but we each felt individually cool. I’d pair mine with a cool graphic t-shirt, mary janes and a leather bracelet (Obviously I was the most popular girl in school – not so much.). I have no idea why these woven, plastic necklaces caught on so quickly. Maybe it’s because they were only $1? Maybe they went perfectly with those weird butterfly hair clips? I only remember that one day if you didn’t have a stretchy choker clinging to your neck you were suddenly out of the loop, swag-less and begging your mom to take you to the mall.

Why did these ever catch on? They were so uncomfortable? They weren’t altogether stylish. I don’t think they were meant to be worn outside but we did anyway. They were so inexpensive and the fact that they came in assorted colors meant we could match them with all our outfits. Did you guys finds yourselves super into matching when you were a kid? It was definitely common practice to match your shoes, shirt and belt where I came from. It always struck me as a bit weird that we called them “Chinese Slippers.” I realized that most people from NYC bought them from Chinatown or the local Chinese neighborhoods but I was always curious to find out why they were called that. I mean, we don’t call everything we buy from those neighborhoods “Chinese _____.” I tried looking up the history of these kinds of shoes. It seems as though they are just house shoes that are traditionally worn in China? If anyone has anymore info on that please let us know in the comments!

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