5 Reasons Why “Springing Forward” is Awesome

You’re probably walking down Struggle Street right now because a) you took one too mant tequila shots last night and/or b) you lost an hour of sleep. Yup, last night at 2 AM, we all had to push forward our clocks an hour and groan as we lost an hour of sleep. Some people see “springing forward” as a complete waste of time and energy because you lose an hour in your day. We’re all so busy that we’d much rather “fall back” so that we get an extra hour in the day, but what about “springing forward”? Why don’t we get as excited when you push the clocks forward an hour? Am I the only one who absolutely loves doing this?

I feel like Daylights Savings Time get a bad rep, and I am here to give you some reasons why Daylight Savings Time and “springing forward” actually has some upsides! Yay!

[Lead Image via Lipstiq]

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