Amanda Bynes Got a Makeover [Candy Dish]

Amanda Bynes is all kinds of crazy. She “quit” acting. She started a fashion line. (Did that ever happen? Do we know?) She’s gotten like 800 DUIs, and I’m pretty sure she’s ready to join the circus any day now. Homegirl has some issues. I’ve always rooted for her because She’s The Man is one of my guilty pleasure movies, and I grew up on The Amanda Show and All That. I know, deep down, the old Amanda Bynes is still in there. She has to just call her mom, talk it out, and get back on her feet.

Recently, she took some photos for a magazine spread and has a whole new look going on. I’m not going to bore with with my opinions on her new look (she’s kind of scary), but see for yourself and then decide if you think this makeover is working for her or not.

Check out her new look here!

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[Lead Image via Fox News]

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