Sports Bloopers and Highlights [Sundays Are For Procrastination]


I go to a major basketball school, so I’m starting to feel the fever of March Madness. So in honor of the month, I thought I’d put together a hodge-podge of sports bloopers, highlights, and dunks. There’s also a video featuring an adorable kid, for good measure.

Since I am a Tar Heel, there’s a lot of Michael Jordan vids as well. Enjoy!

Best Sports Fails Ever!!!

Olympic Sports Fails Compilation 2012

NBA Slam Dunk Contest-Michael Jordan vs Dominique Wilkins

Greatest NCAA Tournament Buzzer Beaters

Fan makes a basketball dunk while he’s on the phone

The Lighter Side of the NBA-Bloopers

Chris Paul’s Baby/Son Disturbs Him During Press Conference

1998: Jordan’s Last Shot

Michael Jordan breaks backboard with a dunk

The World’s Most Amazing Basketball Shot

Crazy Basketball Trick Shots

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