The Celebrity Guest List for my Dream Birthday Bash

First lady, Michelle Obama, is turning 50 literally almost a year from now, and preparations are already in order for the big day! Rumor has it that Adele and Beyonce are part of the festivities! The two divas allegedly will perform for Mrs. Obama next January. Only a woman like Michelle Obama could get two of the most popular, talented, and busy women in Hollywood today to clear the day to sing for her.

I can’t sit here and say that I’m a little not jealous. I wish I had that sort of power.

This year, I had some beers with about six of my friends at a local bar. So basically, I am on the same level as the wife of the President. We drunkenly sang along to Adele on the jukebox if that counts. Anyway, this whole Michelle Obama birthday hoopla got me thinking about who I would want at my birthday party if I could have anyone in the world there. Obviously Ryan Gosling would need to jump out of a cake naked. That is a definite requirement.

Check out my list of celebs that I’d love to party with in the gallery below!

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