Recap: Girls Season 2, Episode 9 [A Bro’s Thoughts]

There’s not much going for Girls at this point. The last two episodes have been slightly creepy, overdramatic and frankly, just ‘okay’ by the television standards that people seem to hold the first season to. Maybe Girls was always this bad and we just never got it. Maybe because we never really thought Lena Dunham getting a splinter in her ass would be a subplot for a television show; so it felt ‘fresh’ and ‘original’ and ‘good’ and all those positive criticisms that have been seemingly gifted on Girls. As much as I wanted to hope that this episode was as good as last weeks, ‘On All Fours’ was terribly awkward and uncomfortably weird in such a way that there was no humor in it at all.

In Which Hannah Gets A Splinter In Her Ass And We Need To Question If She’s Harming Herself

I guess the only thing Girls can earn some kudos on right now is the fact that Lena Dunham is really going for it in terms of a dramatic presence on screen. Or maybe she wants us to find her OCD funny (which I don’t) or a splitter in her ass amusing (which I never will) or going to the hospital in her panties ironic (which it wasn’t). Whenever Hannah comes on screen, I totally zone out. I know it’s a pointless subplot of some sort until I hear another character with her. The sad part about all of this is that no matter how many people I talk to, no matter how many comments or notes or reviews or whatever are posted on the internet about how bad this season is, I can almost feel that Lena Dunham is going to get nominated for all the awards once again next year for these two episodes. I can hear it now: ‘Oh your OCD portrayal was so good! Did you base it off of your real life? Did you really get a splinter in your ass? Do you really count to 8 like all the time? How did you come up with the earlobe thing? BLAH BLAH BLAH.’ It’s just so frustrating to know that something so fickle, so pointless, just so uninspired somehow gets the cover of Rolling Stone. Hannah’s character is frustrating to the point that I don’t understand why she has such an effect on other people, which brings us to our next point:

 In Which Adam Starts Drinking Again & Blows Easily The Best Relationship On Girls

The opening sequence of this episode showed me that Adam, as a character, has seemingly surpassed anything that the Girls writing staff can give him. They have officially lost their own character to the forcefulness of their ways in trying to make something happen, when they should just let him develop. Everything up to the ‘On All Fours’ moment was great character development. He was in a healthy relationship, he was making an attempt to not be an asshole at a party he didn’t want to attend and he even seemingly held the Hannah encounter okay. While I know everyone will say the reason Adam started drinking again was due to the fact that he saw Hannah, I want to propose another case. Maybe, just maybe, he really drank again because he wanted to show Natalia a good time. Maybe, just maybe through a Fiona Apple dance sequence, he was having a good time. To the point where he brought Natalia back to his place to let her into his life.

Then the ‘On All Fours’ thing happened. As awkward as it was to watch, there was something about it that just screamed ‘FORCED.’ There was no rhyme or reason for Adam to sabotage his relationship with Natalia after briefly seeing Hannah for less than five minutes on a street. There was no reason for him to act even halfway as serial killer as he did, especially if we’re basing it off of the Fiona Apple song sequence. So why did he do it? Was it because maybe he’s just that weird? And that some girls might be into that? And if Nat was such a strong/perfect girl for Adam, why didn’t she object? The word ‘No’ does go a long way. Also, what was up with the whole jizz thing? I mean, I’m glad I got to see that weird girl from Roswell’s boobs (props to 6th grade crushes) but that was gratuitous and didn’t need to be in there. There was so much about that sequence that I just didn’t understand, and I blame the writing staff for dropping the ball and not letting Adam ride off into the sunset until next season. Fuck up his life in the future. There’s no need to ruin it now.

 In Which Hurricane Marnie Has Become Predictable And Isn’t Doing That Much Damage

So Marnie’s singing career is dead, she banged her ex-boyfriend, and she wore another weird dress to a party. I think that’s keeping just about everything in order for Marnie. The downward spiral we all thought she was going on became this expected chain of events that aren’t even entertaining because by this point we all hate Marnie. She’s pointless and will remain pointless until something major like a pregnancy happens to her. It’s that easy. She doesn’t even communicate with Hannah anymore, right? Just Shoshanna? Speaking of my favorite character:

 In Which Shoshanna’s Hairstyles Rule Over All & Should Have Their Own Show

I think these last two weeks were the only times I’ve ever really paid attention to hairstyle on a show. Shoshanna’s side pieces of artwork on top of her head are just incredible and I’m seriously excited to see what she’ll try to pull of next week. But I digress. Anyway, Shoshanna’s, as Ray put it, ‘Geisha bullshit’ in the beginning was so perfect due to the fact that we, as the audience, knew she would pull something like that post-doorman make out, but Ray didn’t. Her rambling about sugars and coffee and wanting to take care of him was the Shoshanna we knew, but we wanted to see more of the Shoshanna from last week, the risk taker. And we did. It seems like now when Shoshanna gets social, that might prove to be bad news for Ray, since Shoshanna didn’t really come clean about the doorman situation, and well, I kinda wonder how crafty Shos can get with her lies, right? I mean the stuff she sprouts off in confidence can only get crazier when she starts getting into fiction. Maybe Shoshanna should have the book deal instead of Hannah, right?

One more week of this and I think I’m going to write off Girls. It seems to me that HBO made a major mistake in renewing the show so early into it’s second season run because all it seems to have done is fallen off in quality. ‘On All Fours’ was a plain bummer of an episode, and based on the trailer (which you can see below), the season finale doesn’t look any different. Let me know what you think either on Twitter or in the comments below.

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