All The Wizard Of Oz GIFs You’ll Need (To Forget The Great And Powerful)

Oz The Great And Powerful opened to a great box office weekend, making $75 million, despite getting mostly horrible reviews. The performances of the actors, apparently, seem to be overshadowed by the excessive use of green screens and CGI. The film has also been accused of setting feminism back many a step. The original “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” and all of its spin-off tales, written by L. Frank Baum, featured strong female protagonists who always came out the heroes in the end, while the movie, a prequel to the original, focuses on a newly created male protagonist. 

As Jezebel points out, “As you go through the Oz series, one fact can’t help but jump out at you:  The feisty, heroic characters of Oz are all young women. Dorothy returns, again and again, to have adventures in Oz. “Tik-Tok of Oz” features a Dorothy surrogate in Betsy Bobbin. Glinda often reappears to do battle. General Jinjur leads an all-female coup against the Scarecrow, and despite its failure, Baum lovingly stops in to see how she’s faring in the common Munchkin life. . . . The reason for this is simple: Baum was a feminist. He was an avid supporter of women’s suffrage, and was happily married to the outspoken, intelligent, and energetic Maud Gage Baum, who had gone to Cornell, and sacrificed dreams of degrees to marry him. Their marriage was an unusual one for the time, as Frank happily let her wear the pants, assert her authority, and rule the house.

I have yet to see Oz The Great And Powerful but all the coverage has made me weary about it. Either way, I always think it’s important to remember the original whenever Hollywood does a remake. These GIFs will give you a nice refresher on the original ‘Wonderful Wizard.’

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