Cosmic Candy: Special New Moon Horoscopes March 11 – 17

We are pleased to announce that we’ve teamed up with one of our favorite astrologists (and talented yoga pro), Chani Nicholas, to bring you weekly horoscope readings. Check back each Monday to see what’s in the stars for your week!

Aries and Aries Rising- You are finishing something; there is no doubt about it.  You may be impatient to have it over with already or you may have felt an unfamiliar low energy hovering around you. Fear not, this cycle is coming to a close and you will soon be bouncing back to your usual feisty self (Monday should feel like a giant step in the right direction). However, before you leave this domain of endings entirely, I encourage you to do a couple of things (to the best of your ability): cast off any feelings of victimization, renounce any inklings toward martyrdom and refuse to abide by the laws of any internal warden or jailer. You are going to know a new sense of freedom in the next few weeks that is sure to blow your socks off and I want you to take full advantage of it.

Monday’s New Moon Activity: In some large or small way pay homage to the year that you have just lived by letting go of the mistakes and celebrating the triumphs.

New Moon Declaration: I have done my best this past year and as I know better, I do better.  I bless the ground I stand on and I am ready for new adventures.

Taurus and Taurus Rising- One of the most important things that we can do with our time is to surround ourselves with folks that are at least one step ahead of us. I am talking about hanging out with elders (even if they are chronologically younger than us), teachers, leaders, renegades, mavericks, revolutionaries and anyone else that shakes you to your core because of how good they are at what they do. I want you to seek out experts, knock on the doors of people that are more skilled than you, harass people that intimidate you and leave you speechless.  It’s not that I want you to feel insignificant; I want you to see your future self.  Actually, I want you to see yourself moving beyond the barriers that case your greatest mentors.

New Moon Activity: Call, e-mail or in old-school fashion send a card snail-mail style to someone who you are dying to spend time with.  I don’t care if they have no clue who you are, introduce yourself and make a new friend.

New Moon Declaration:  I have valuable contributions to make to any conversation or social situation and I bring with me every valuable life lesson I have ever received.  Because of this I am an asset to those around me.

Gemini and Gemini Rising-Your dual nature may appreciate the paradox of this week (Pisces also gets it); we are both starting a cycle with the new moon on Monday and also ending the latest Mercury retrograde. The last few days of Mercury retrograde are always potentially challenging-especially for you as it’s your ruling planet. Both of these events are happening in your tenth house of career and social reputation. Therefore if there is something in this area of life that you want to start, please take the time to plant a seed or two on Tuesday and beyond. However as Mercury slows down it is not the best time to try to put something out into the world. What I suggest is that you take small actions and pay close attention to the change in direction your public life could be taking.  You may be sitting with enormous questions like “Am I fulfilling my life’s purpose?” or you may be wondering if you should apply for a new position in the same job or wondering how to deal with a co-worker.  I suggest that you give it until after the weekend to make any major decisions, there should be some important information that will help you chose a course of action come early next week.

New Moon Activity: Pay homage to your ruling planet, Mercury by asking him for clues.  Just before you walk through the threshold of a doorway ask him a question-the first thing you hear someone say is your answer.

New Moon Declaration: I have patience.  I know that nothing good or true needs to be rushed.  I act with speed when appropriate and otherwise I am able to able to sit with tension without acting compulsively.

Cancer and Cancer Rising- Monday’s new moon in Pisces is a type of watershed moment for you and this is how I want you to use it: take all of your desires to explore, travel, seek and stretch yourself and think about how you could do so in your career-even if you feel like you are eons away from having the career you may want.  I want you to honor all the experiences that you have had and see how you can start to formulate them into a type of résumé or job title.  Yes, I want you to be bold, daring and actually ask for what would make you happy and then take an active role in creating that very thing.

New Moon Activity: Create a vision board of your ideal day at work.  Include colors, sounds, co-workers, partners and locations.  Put it somewhere you will see when working.

New Moon Declaration:  It’s never too late to live the life I desire to live.  I am willing to risk believing in myself, I am willing to have faith that there is a space in the world that only I can fill and it is my destiny to do so.  I do not shy away from my destiny.

Leo and Leo Rising- I predict that the next week is going to feel like the beginning of tremendous expansion and I wouldn’t be surprised if you are itching to make plans to get out and travel, take a new class or at the very least find yourself in a new setting.  As we have been discussing lately, life has been asking you to go deep and there is no doubt that things have been intense.  The next few weeks won’t be sleepy-not at all-but they will be intense in a new way.  I think what you will find is that even though you are still deep in reviewing your commitments to others, there is a part of you that is raring to move bravely forward.

New Moon Activity: Watch a travel show, flip through a National Geographic, check out a course catalogue at a local college or community center and then let yourself dream about what new experience or worldview you need to seek out.

New Moon Declaration: The only thing that I can count on in this life is change.  I am excited about the change that is coming while taking time to be sincerely grateful for all the healing that is occurring now.

Virgo and Virgo Rising-Whatever you have learned about what you want out of relationships lately is about to be put to good use with Monday’s new moon and Mars entering Aries. You could very well be starting the process of forming commitments and partnerships with folks and I want you to keep in mind all the things that must be present in order for you to get your needs met. I also advise against any firm decisions this week as someone close to you may still be holding back information. Trust your instincts and your ability to be patient and wait for the right information to come forward before you start sharing bank accounts.

New Moon Activity:  Be mindful of keeping your commitments to others, being very clear when you can’t and generally keeping your side of the street clean in emotional situations. Walk your talk and strut gorgeously.

New Moon Declaration:  Taken from Queen RuPaul, “If I can’t love myself, how the hell am I gonna love anybody else?”  Can I get an Amen?

Libra and Libra Rising- Even though I still want you to keep your eye on the details at work you are going to start to feel some relief.  Starting Monday there is going to be a shift in focus to your favorite area of life- relationships!  But before we get there lets talk about the new moon on Monday.  I would like you to prepare your wish list (as new moons are a time to grow things in our lives) in a two-part fashion.  I would like you to consider what it is that you need to create in order to make the most of your days (get a book keeper, learn excel spread sheets, hire an assistant) and create space in your calendar to hang out with folks that inspire, engage and excite you.  You are more than what you produce; it’s time for you to start to remember how important your loved ones are to your happiness.  The end of the week provides some important information for you at work; something that may have gone awry gets ironed out now.

New Moon Activity:  Make a list of all the successes you have had at work since the New Year.  I am not talking about getting what you want, I’m talking about all the times you actually enjoyed what you were doing and felt really good about it.

New Moon Declaration:  I am a miracle, plain and simple. Everything that has come my way is also a miracle and I receive all my work with a curiosity and awe. I expect nothing and am grateful for everything.

Scorpio and Scorpio Rising- This week starts off with a truly stunning new moon in Pisces in your 5th house of creativity, romance and play.  It’s an interesting time to have a new moon because Mercury will be slowing down to change directions at the end of the week-typically not a good time to start new things, whereas the new moon is.  So here is my advice; investigate play as sincerely as possible, fall in love with everyone you meet and make everything into an art project and then consider how you might actually put those principles into your everyday life, work and rituals.

New Moon Activity:  Read about your favorite artists, go see an exhibit or venture to an art gallery.  Read biographies of inspiring creative pioneers and watch a documentary or two about an artist you have never heard of and then apply what you have learned to your life.

New Moon Declaration:  I will not be afraid to live out loud.  I will borrow courage from the lives of those that inspire me until I can find my own, and I have plenty of my own.  I am a creative being that finds inspiration in the most unlikely of places.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising– I can’t imagine that the past few weeks hasn’t brought you closer to understanding your childhood a little better, or rather I should say the effects of your childhood on your life now-in particular your intimate relationships. Many of us try not to look back leaving much of our foundation unexamined.  We don’t want to re-enter into the situations that caused us hurt in the first place.  However, when we refuse to review our first years, years that formed our personality, we miss out on getting to know ourselves, we miss out on experiencing intimacy in our lives. I say this because there is a shift happening in your chart that is less about contemplating feelings and more about living out some of your deeper desires. Please believe me when I tell you that it’s so much more satisfying to know why we do what we do rather than be driven by unconscious desires that end with us in the dog house.

New Moon Activity: It’s a great week to have meaningful conversations with family while remembering all the ways in which they activate us. Be willing to see your past and childhood with new eyes.

New Moon Declaration: I am not my past and I honor all the experiences that have brought me to this place. I honor my parents and/or parental figures not because they are perfect but because they did the best they knew how to do.  I am willing to move beyond their limitations and find my own strength standing on my own two feet.

Capricorn and Capricorn Rising- One of the best parts about having a mind is the ability to change it. I hope that these past few weeks has brought you an unusually deep investigation into the ways that your mind works and that you feel more aware than ever as to the kind of tricks you can play on yourself.  There is something that you are reviewing right now and it has to do with what you say and what you do and the congruence between the two activities.  I would pay close attention to any discrepancies because they are clues leading you to you want, what’s good for you and what is no longer needed.  No use in carrying on any sort of charade, it will become increasingly harder if you try and will likely drain you of much needed energy anyways.

New Moon Activity: Review the contracts you have made to others and be willing to revise the ones that no longer support your growth (or theirs).

New Moon Declaration:  My word is my bond.  Every syllable I speak creates an energetic contract that I honor to the best of my ability.  I am impeccable with my word.

Aquarius and Aquarius Rising- This week may reveal to you some reason as to why you work on the things that you do and why you are drawn to certain subjects.  I suggest taking a good look at your body of work, whether that is sketches in your drawing book, essays on your laptop, paintings, mix tapes, or any creative projects that you have ever taken pride in creating. Sit with your work and see what kind of affect it has on you.  Notice what you value, what you give precedence to.  When we sit with our creations we get a sense of what is trying to move through us, and that is where we find our true worth.

New Moon Activity:  Review your body of work like a mother would review their child’s creations.

New Moon Declaration:  I am a servant to the work that wants to move through me.  Showing up to create this body of work is a sacred act that I take great pride in.  I value the work I have done and I makw room for more to come.

Pisces and Pisces Rising- Just like your symbol of two fish swimming in different directions suggests, your talent for moving in multiple ways at the same time will come in handy this week.  We are all in an interesting predicament of finishing something up and starting something new-we have one foot in each reality but you may be the only sign out there that can really comprehend the task at hand.  There will be a new moon on Monday at 12:51 pm PDT in your sign making this week a very powerful time for you to be creating and laying plans for your next solar year, however it’s not quite time to put these plans into action as Mercury will be retrograde until the end of the week.  Therefore what I want you to do is to notice and take note of all the ideas and desires that are coming up for you.  By next week you’ll be on firmer ground to put some action behind the inspiration.

New Moon Activity:  Make a vision board of how you would like to feel for this new birthday year and place it on your altar or in a special corner of your room.

New Moon Declaration: This year is about flow and I am willing to allow the currents of my life to carry me to the places and people I am meant to connect with. This year also offers me tremendous creative gifts and I intentionally make space to honor these gifts.

For more information please visit Chani’s personal blog, UntilTheStarsFallFromTheSky, or for personal astrology readings please contact Chani directly at chani [at]

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