Remembering Amanda Bynes Before She Got Weird On Us [Gallery]

Remember when Amanda Bynes popped up on the Nickelodeon sketch comedy show ‘All That.’ She was the newest edition to the cast and almost immediately out-shined everyone. The “Ask Ashley” segment where she played a hot headed middle-schooler who was more likely to have a violent outburst than offer any real advice was COMEDY GOLD. Amanda was so good that she was the only cast member besides the legendary Kenan and Kel to get her own show. Even when The Amanda Show was over, what could have been the end of any young actress’ career wasn’t over. Amanda scored a sitcom ‘What I Like About You’ that was on for four seasons. She was in that so-bad-it’s-good-movie, ‘She’s The Man,’ and co-starred with Emma Stone in ‘Easy A.’

Things weren’t looking bad for Amanda but then she decided to retire at 24 years old. She soon started getting into trouble with the law – hit and runs and DUIs are serious business. She was generally acting a fool and being compared to Lindsay Lohan. Now she has resurfaced with new pics that bear no resemblance to her former self. I get it, your style can change but her drastic transformation and her recent behavior has us weary. You don’t want to be compared with Lindsay ever. Let’s remember Amanda not as the weird Tweeter she is today but as the bright, young, funny girl of recent past.

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