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Getting Lost…In Central Park [ReadyU Conquer This List]


It’s March now (where are you, spring?!) and my senioritis is getting worse by the second. Really, it’s reaching epic proportions. I can hardly bring myself to do work anymore. The only thing motivating me is the fact that I have to turn assignments in or I’ll fail and I won’t graduate. And then I’d have to do my last semester over and deal with even worse super-senioritis. Shudder.
But being so lazy also makes me feel guilty. It’s my last semester of college! I’m supposed to be taking advantage of everything because it’s about to be gone! So this seemed like a perfect time to check another item off ReadyU’s Conquer This List. ReadyU is the ultimate resource for college students, with all the ideas and tips you need to make college fun and easy both inside and outside the classroom. So I was hoping the list would have an item that might inspire me to break out of my midterm season funk.

ReadyU came through for me! I picked #42: Get Lost. I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to get off campus for a day. A break is always nice, especially around this time of year. I’m so swamped with work that I don’t want to do, and I end up going a little stir crazy on campus. I go to school in New York City, so there’s plenty to explore all around me. But when it’s cold and I have exams coming up, it’s easy to decide to stay close to home. No more! I decided it was time to get some fresh air.

One of the beautiful things about New York is that it’s really like hundreds of cities in one. Each neighborhood is so unique, and no matter how well you think you know the city, you can always find something new. I live within walking distance of Central Park, so I decided to get a little “lost” in the park. I’ve been to Central Park more times than I can count. It’s one of the best parts of the city, and New York would be an entirely different (and really depressing) place without it. But Central Park is also huge, and I figured there had to be parts of the park I hadn’t seen, or at least hadn’t spent a lot of time in.

I live near the north end of the park, so I decided to walk all the way from the north to south end. That’s 51 blocks, so I think it’s safe to say I got my exercise for the day! It wasn’t exactly the loveliest day… spring has not yet sprung in New York City. But walking kept me warm and I brought a friend along for company. We really did walk the whole park, but we ended up spending the most time in Belvedere Castle. Yes, you heard that right. Castle. There is indeed a castle in Central Park. I had walked past this place before but had never been inside, so we decided to hang out in the castle for a while.

Click through the gallery to see some pictures from my Belvedere Castle adventure – we even saw a marriage proposal!

Taking some time out of my hectic day to “get lost” in New York was great and offered me a much needed repose from my everyday schedule. What items are you checking off ReadyU’s Conquer This List? Keep checking back to see if I can complete the whole list before the school year’s end!

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