Here’s How to Stream Justin Timberlake’s New Album, “The 20/20 Experience”, For Free

Just when I thought JT couldn’t become a more considerate, charming, thoughtful, appreciative — I could keep going — individual, he’s shown us all why we love him once again (and if you don’t…gtfo). He announced on his Twitter yesterday that fans could stream his new album The 20/20 Experience for free on iTunes! The catch? Apparently it’s posted as one huge track, so there are no breaks between songs. However, the beautiful people at Zimbio broke down the times for us to skip songs:

1. Pusher Love Girl (0:00 to 8:02) track length: 8:02
2. Suit & Tie feat. Jay-Z (8:02 to 13:28) track length: 5:26
3. Don’t Hold the Wall (13:29 to 20:39) track length: 7:10
4. Strawberry Bubblegum (20:39 to 28:38) track length: 7:59
5. Tunnel Vision (28:39 to 35:25) track length: 6:46
6. Spaceship Coup (35:25 to 42:42) track length: 7:17
7. That Girl (42:43 to 45:30) track length: 4:47
8. Let the Groove Get In (45:30 to 52:41) track length: 7:11
9. Mirrors (52:42 to 60:47) track length: 8:05
10. Blue Ocean Roar (60:48 to 68:10) track length: 7:22


Justin also didn’t mention how long the track would be available for free streaming, so do it to it! Looking at the supremely LONG song lengths, you’re going to need to get to work ASAP. But, it’ll get us ready for the Legends of the Summer tour!

Take a listen and tell us what you think of the album below!

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