42Goals Charts Your Progress to Reaching Goals [Web Spy]

I’m always setting personal goals in the aims to better myself, whether it’s by eating healthier, getting in better shape, learning a new skill or organizing some part of my life. But let’s face it – without a lot of discipline, the goals we set for ourselves aren’t often easy to achieve.

It’s a lot easier to stay on top of your goals when you keep track of your progress. Instead of getting discouraged when you don’t feel like you’ve made any visible progress towards your goals, seeing improvement will help motivate you to keep working at them.

You can track your progress easily with the website 42goals.

After signing up for a free account (there are also paid options with more features available), you’ll be taken to your new homepage. There are a few example goals already added, but you can add others and delete any that don’t apply.

There are lots of template goals available – ranging from categories including health, working out, work and study, and more. You can even create your own! You can also set weekly goals, which helps you manage whether you’re staying on track.

Right now, I’ve got goals set up for how many glasses of water I drink a day, whether I went to the gym, and how many hours of sleep I’ve gotten. Then, I go into my account and log how I did every day. Thanks to 42goals, I’m more on top of my goals than ever before, and getting closer to achieving them!

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