Does the iPad Confuse Your Simple Brain? Here’s a Tablet JUST for Women!

It’s not Friday, but I have got a post for you that will definitely get you saying, “WTF!” Do you guys remember the reviews that were given on Amazon for a Bic “Cristal for Her” Ball Pen? They were amazing and got you thinking, why would a woman need a pen that is designed “for her”? It’s a freakin pen, folks! Is it that difficult for a woman to use a god forbid, a man’s pen!?

Well, the Middle-East based Eurostar Group looks like it’s following on the heels of Bic. In October, the company unveiled a new tablet called the ePad Femme that is supposed to be designed just for women. The eight-inch tablet comes pre-loaded with apps for weight-loss, clothing, yoga, grocery/shopping lists, and cooking. Hmm, I guess all women are just in dire need of these apps, right? And of course, we don’t know how to download these ourselves ,so yay! to the ePAD femme for the help.

Mani Nair, the Associate Vice President for Marketing at Eurostar Group told the Jerusalem Post that the product isn’t sexist, and that they are focusing on “pre-loaded applications for many of their products.” I wonder who these people surveyed to get the marketing information for their apps, because Eman Al Nafjan, a Saudi feminist blogger, felt that this product and its apps were just another way for women to make their husbands happy. She also further explained that since women in countries such as Saudi Arabia are not allowed to go out without a male relative, they spend a lot of time at home online, and are quite up-to-date on technology! Al Nafjan was quoted as saying, “Whoever made this tablet doesn’t understand us very well.”

So, when is this Eurostar Group going to come out with a tablet specifically for men? Are they going to call it ePad Masculine or something? I would have been fine with this if it had not been for the apps. The assumptions being made for these apps is just plain ridiculous in my eyes. The apps on my iPhone are games, Facebook, news, Twitter, Instagram, and the like. Not one of those apps has anything to do with cooking, yoga, or going grocery shopping. So, what do you guys think? Is this product clearly sexist or is it just a case of marketing gone bad?

[Lead image via Aaron Amat/Shutterstock]

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