Are You Truly 22? These Twerkin’ Taylor Swift GIFs Will Help You Find Out

Taylor Swift released a new video for the single, “22” today on Good Morning America . It’s a cute song about the joy and miserableness of being 22. Taylor and her friends dance like silly geese, make fun of hipsters and wear awesome hats. I recently turned 23 and since I have a year’s experience of being 22 this got me wondering, was I 22 enough? Riddled with self-doubt and endless questions we decided to provide you with this GIF quiz from T-Swift’s new music video. At some point don’t we ALL ask ourselves, did I wear enough hats in my youth?

Can you twerk? You cannot be 22 if you cannot twerk it and work it.

Are you immediately disinterested in your own music video? Well then you are not 22.

Do you make illuminati heart signs with your hands? Do you think hearts are cute? No? You ain’t 22 then.

Do you have synchronized dance moves with your friends (all of whom have amazing legs) while standing in front of a white screen and wearing wide brimmed hats?

Do you chest bump on trampolines with your best friends? Do you put yourself at risk of breast cancer on a regular basis? Do you? Then you’re not 22.

Do you rep 2-2 wherever you go? You better.

But, like, can you count to four though? I still struggle with it. Also I cannot figure out where left and right is.

Clearly you have a pool and you gather round it to do thigh exercises with your friends because that is what 22-hood is like.

You better tell ’em. Tell ’em! Tell ’em!

But can you shake it? Shake it. Shake it. 

If you answered “yes” to all fo these questions then get ready to dive in, betch because you’re 22.

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