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CollegeCandy’s Ultimate Spring Break Playlist Will Rock Your World


Spring Break is the best thing to happen to college students since discounted beer and cheap Ramen. Thousands of kids take to the beaches of cheap but majestic locations such as Panama City Beach or South Padre Island. Those of us who aren’t as lucky at least can take solace in the fact that we don’t have classes for one full week. To me Spring Break has always served as a little teaser of summer, and when I’m staring out my window at six inches of snow I could really use the thought.

Last year my friends and I decided to make the trek to Panama City Beach, and it was the most wonderful week ever. We had so much fun. Yeah, we were close before we went to Florida, but now we are inseparable. Last year I remember waking up around 10am, groggy from the night before, listening to the DJ out by the pool get ready for the day. People were already taking to the beach, beers in hand, waiting to get the party started. Within seconds of the first song playing, girls at the hotel had gone out and started dancing on the balconies and the beach went wild. The song was “Call Me Maybe”. I’ll never forget that, and now every time I hear that song I go back to the beach with my best friends.

CollegeCandy wanted to be like that DJ in PCB, except probably less creepy, so we created this master playlist chock full of oldies, new songs we can’t stop listening to and songs that are simply great to dance to. Whether you’re road-tripping down to south Florida or just relaxing for the first time all semester, we hope that when you hear these songs you’ll think, “God, remember on Spring Break when…?”

Double click the playlist to open it in Spotify, or just listen to it here!

Let us know what themed playlist you want us to create for you next!